If you’re looking for the friendliest CrossFit gym in Golden with an amazing community, you’ve come to the right place. 
If you’re looking for the friendliest CrossFit gym in Golden with an amazing community, 
you’ve come to the right place. 
My gradual slide towards a thicker waistband and de-conditioned body didn't happen overnight. It took years of drinking IPAs, eating pizza, overdosing on carbs and sugars, and paying little attention to what I put in my body. I cycled in and out of traditional fitness gyms, spending hours on the treadmill and elliptical. I stayed consistent and worked hard in the gym, building up my capacity to run 5-7 miles every other day. I felt good, but nothing was changing my body or my general feeling of blah.

I had forgotten what it felt like to be able to move well, feel strong, and have the ability to do whatever I wanted to do physically

I had forgotten what it was like when I was a gymnast in junior high and high school. Back then, I was competitive in my age and division and even had high hopes to go to the Olympics. I worked out with my peers 4-5 days a week at our gym developing skills on the floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar. We were lean, healthy, flexible, and quite strong. Pull ups and pushups were simple exercises. Muscle ups, for example, were not a major complex movement (as they are in CrossFit).

When I was 17, I realized I was getting burnt out and that I was not going make it to the Olympics. After that I wasn’t sure how to stay healthy and fit. Life got busy with high school, college, marriage and kids. Twenty years later, I was thick and generally unhealthy, and while I could run 25 miles a week, I didn’t feel or look good. 

Finding my way towards health and fitness was a serendipitous experience. When I finally accepted an invitation from a friend to try CrossFit, it changed my life. I realized how out of shape I was during that first week of CrossFit. I remember one of my first WODs, power cleans and burpees, where I tried to keep up with a very pregnant woman and had my ass handed to me.

CrossFit didn’t just provide full body workouts - it gave me hope that I could come back from being in the worst shape of my life.

This journey has taken me from a thick, out of shape 38 year old, to a healthy, fit, and wonderfully active 42 year old. The Olympics are not in my sights… but a new goal is out there for my competitive spirit, The CrossFit Games. Having missed the qualification cut off in 2017 by 20 spots (out of over 25,000), maybe 2018 will be my year

Regardless of whether I ever make it to the CrossFit Games, more importantly, I’ve rediscovered health, fitness, and a passion for helping others rediscover their health and fitness.

You see, my goal is simple, I want 5280 to be the last gym you’ll ever join.

In order to do that my coaches and I have created an environment where you can improve year after year, so you never find yourself getting bored.

Here’s our secret: we help you set goals and we hold you accountable to them. While it doesn’t sound as good as "muscle confusion" or the "afterburn effect," it works.

Rather than just throwing you into a class, your first step with us a New Client Consultation.

Your New Client Consultation is a 20 minute 1-on-1 meeting. You’ll sit down with one of our coaches and clearly define your goals. From there we will make a plan to help you achieve them.

But that is only the beginning. You’ll meet with your coach again 2-3 months in the future for a follow-up goal setting session. In that session we’ll hold you accountable to your actions and make sure you’re always working towards a goal that is meaningful to you. These sessions are included in membership at no additional cost to you.

This process is repeated throughout your journey here at 5280 CrossFit to ensure you’re alway improving. This cycle of constant improvement is why our members stay with us a long time.

Hi, I’m Jason, the Owner here at 5280 CrossFit.
I’m also a father of 4 and a Regional Masters Athlete. I completely understand the challenges of trying to manage work, family, and fitness.
Over the last 3 years I’ve helped hundreds of people get in fantastic shape. So whether you’re looking to change up your routine, improve your habits, get competitive in your sport, or just look a little better in your favorite clothes, my team and I can help.
Coach Spencer
Coach Erin
If you follow your unique program and are not fully satisfied
 during your first month, for any reason, 
we'll provide a 100% refund. 
Here’s what some of our members have to say about 5280:
5280 CrossFit Group Fitness
5280 CrossFit Group Fitness
5280 CrossFit has become a community for myself and my husband. I have never wanted to "go work out" before, but I find myself missing the gym and looking forward to my workouts

 The coaches, members, as well as the friendly atmosphere keep me coming back for more. Not to mention the great results I am having with muscle development and the over-all healthy body I am gaining. 

 I have never stuck with a gym or workout routine more than a couple months until I started 5280 CrosFit, there is something to be said about that... 18 months later and I am ready for more!
5280 CrossFit Group Fitness
5280 CrossFit Group Fitness
My motivation comes from witnessing my own progress every day. 

I can do things that I never dreamed of (like handstands). The gym is such a positive environment that fosters growth and development of strength, speed, endurance, and character. The coaches here are unmatched; Jason has so much experience in so many realms of fitness he should write a book, Erin is dense ball of badass who can make you laugh even when you are exhausted, and Deidre is great at pointing out the small details of a movement to help you get a better grasp of kinetics. 

This amazing group of coaches motivate me to try my best every day.

5280 CrossFit has made my life exponentially better, and I am so happy that I walked through those doors and met the owner, Jason. He is a world class athlete who inspires those around him. 

I am so grateful that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new.
I drop in to gyms all over the country -- 5280 is the best. Great facilities, great people, and most of all, great coaches. I consider myself lucky to call 5280 my home gym.
- Jake O.
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